August 4, 2015
It should go without saying that WellcomeMat will continue to innovate within the video arena, but something really interesting happens to startups once they achieve a repeatable sale--the product(s) they can sell over and over again--a strong customer base and profitability. You start to place most of your efforts into extending your competitive advantages and less time discovering new ones. I get great joy from discovering the new new things still, but I cannot help but find excitement in the realization that our team knows exactly who we want to be when we grow up.

Recently, we were identifying our competitive advantages that we’re most able to improve and we realized how well one of our strategies is paying off. Specifically, one of our goals to provide more than 10 times the amount of views per video than free platforms can and deliver those views on sites where real estate consumers are most likely to convert into new business for content owners. We’re getting good: depending on the date range, WellcomeMat delivers anywhere from 3-7 times the viewcount per video than could be expected via YouTube. But, it is how we deliver these views that counts the most and there is one word that will always rule video ROI for real estate marketers...


On average, less than half of 1% consumers (0.46%) will visit your website while or after viewing a video on YouTube. This means that out of every thousand views you get on YouTube, the average video publisher can expect less than 5 site visitors. How many leads do you think you can generate from 5 site visitors? How many leads are you generating from YouTube?

WellcomeMat, on the other hand, delivers 39.48% of our customers’ views on their website. Using the same sample as above, this means that our customers can expect 395 views to occur on their site for every one thousand views. Yes, this is an average and results will differ from customer to customer. But, even in the most extreme cases, WellcomeMat users are playing chess against competitors that may not even be playing at all. The cost of free will not be small.

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