August 27, 2015

I became obsessed, immediately, with real estate video. My mom shared an article with me about an NYC real estate broker that was shooting videos of every apartment for sale or rent in the hoods that he covered. He was running ads for the properties, as if they were his own, and when people expressed interest, he’d have them into his office to watch the video (or the others) on a flat screen. The quote read something like, “90% of the time, I rent or sell properties before people even enter the apartments.”

When I contacted him, I did what I always do: I gave him my best ideas. The fact that I had been in video for my entire career at that point didn’t hurt, and I urged him as much as I could to move his tours online. I pressed him because his distribution model (DVDs, VHS, Beta...whatever) was horrendous. He didn’t care, so I said, “do you not care enough that if I created the distribution model I am urging you to create, you still wouldn’t care?” He was a real estate broker in NYC, making huge commissions on every property…he wished me luck.

The year was 2005 and, because I am helpless against my best visions, the build out of WellcomeMat was underway.

I am, on purpose, skipping all that has happened between our public release (in July, 2006) and now. Those that have been with us all along know where we’ve all been and I am not here to give the history of real estate video. Not unlike a younger brother shaking you out of bed on a holiday morning, I am here to state clearly that The Thing that has always held video marketing back from mass adoption is upon us.

D I S T R I B U T I O N.

For real estate video, contextually relevant distribution--the kind that puts your videos in front of real estate consumers specifically--is where video becomes the most profitable marketing channel for your clients. Up until now, video has been a way to win more listings and stand out as an information source. This is great, but we are here to let you know, right here and right now, that if you are a production company that serves the luxury end of the real estate market, you will want your real estate clients (especially brokerages) on WellcomeMat. We are announcing must-have luxury video distribution partnerships continuously for the next 60 days.

For a fresh idea of what WellcomeMat is all about or questions about how we can make the most of your brokerage customers’ content, learn more about what we offer

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