The Fear

By Christian A. Sterner
January 22, 2007

This weekend I was in Aspen, and I got a first hand glimpse of what I am going to refer to as "The Fear." I was hanging out with some old buddies of mine, and got into a conversation with my friend Kendall's wife about WellcomeMat. I pride myself on short, no-pressure pitches regarding the product, and kept to standard. But, suddenly-with no influence of my own-we ended up talking about how scared this woman was of what technology is doing to the real estate business. She ended up saying...

“it's very scary to me that consumers could potentially have an all access pass to real estate information. I mean, this is how I make money.”


Photo credit: Patrick Hoesly

For the first time, I could see and feel for myself The [dizzying] Fear that exists within some of the real estate pros out there. WellcomeMat is a company dedicated to helping everyone within real estate to video technology, and I don't think we are making a political statement by doing so. But, to me, my friend's wife seemed to be setting herself up as a victim.

Technology isn't doing anything to real estate: it is real estate. If I were an agent right now, I would be scared too, but not because of technology. It would be the amount of technology choices that would scare me. I mean really...look at all the choices out there! And, for this, I think I have come up with a litmus test. Here it is: If using a certain technology is helpful to your customers, and you can afford to implement it, you should use it. If the technology saves you (the real estate pro) time as well, then you can do more deals! My conversation with my friend's wife ended with me explaining my stance on her fear. Technology is offering an opportunity, not an end. Choose the best technologies you can, based on what your customers would want, and make sure the products you choose have good support (phone, email, and fast).

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