January 14, 2016

It’s a flashback that is easy to conjure: I wake up early as a boy, come downstairs at my Nana and Papa’s house in North Jersey and have some of the best conversations people with generations between them can have about what is going on in the world. Kicking those conversations off is my Papa’s everyday news source, The New York Times. It would be hours before anyone else in my family would wake up to join us, and definitely some of the best alone time I can remember with two of my favorite people on Earth…

The fact that WellcomeMat is now the exclusive provider of listing videos for The New York Times Real Estate makes us beyond excited; real estate marketers and filmmakers can now tap into the hearts and minds of the most engaged real estate consumers on the planet. 

New York Times Real Estate Video Marketing

It is precisely this kind of distribution that is making video the centerpiece of real estate marketing. But, while distribution from WellcomeMat to The New York Times is seamless and effortless for our Enterprise partners, it is currently only available to Times customers. If you are a customer of The Times, distribution is automatically turned on in your WellcomeMat account. We distribute any listing video that’s already active in your account to the appropriate listing page on NYTimes.com. Any new video that you upload will be automatically sent that to the appropriate listing page as well going forward. There's nothing you need to do.

If you would like to have your listing videos distributed to The New York Times and are not currently one of their customers, please reach out to Brendan Walsh, Real Estate Advertising Director, at The Times.

Any new Times customer will need to send three sample listing videos for The Times’s review. The reason The New York Times has become one of the world’s most admired and respected news sources is their commitment to quality. Their standards are exceptionally high. As such, they reserve the right to disallow a video to appear on NYTimes.com if it doesn’t meet their strict quality guidelines. Once their review is completed and approved, your WellcomeMat account will be updated and your videos will be automatically distributed to NYTimes.com.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Disclaimer: WellcomeMat pays to serve video content via a CDN (content delivery network). This means our costs of operating a video platform increase in direct parallel to the consumer reach that we can provide. For this reason (and others), WellcomeMat will eventually charge separately for Premium video distribution. We promise to report any new fees associated to video distribution well in advance.
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