March 17, 2016

Photo credit: The Pinkwater Report

Virtual reality has been meaning to happen for 40 years. Seriously, that new appendage on the faces of your weirdest friends isn’t a new concept. People have been trying to make it happen for a long time. Books like Snowcrash even centered their world, or “metaverse,” around it. 3D models, 360 degree video and virtual reality have some awesome potential, but what are the challenges of leveraging virtual reality? How can real estate marketers effectively use it? What is lost with the use of VR?

In this podcast, I speak with Marcellee Williams, our resident filmmaker and Manager of Customer Success, to explore the gains and losses associated with 3D modeling, 360 degree video and virtual reality. 

Tap, tap…is this thing on? Let’s go!

What are your thoughts? Have you started leveraging virtual reality in your marketing practices? And if so, what has been the effect?

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