May 4, 2016

We can all agree video has become the leading form of marketing communications, advertising and entertainment this side of the Internet. Even if I wanted to, I can’t stop seeing Lex Luthor gush about Metropolis in the Turkish Airlines commercials, in addition to watching stunning videos of Red Bull athletes unleashed on unforgiving mountain precipices with nothing but a pair of skis and hope.

Syndacast released a study that said “74% of all Internet traffic by 2017 will be video” - pretty impressive considering not too long ago social media would have been thought to have reigned supreme in online engagement. However, eMarketer reported that in a one year span from 2014 to 2015, video consumption actually surpassed social media usage by nearly 10%. For real estate agents, this means social media is still incredibly important, but it also means the production of video-specific social media is absolutely imperative. Promoting real estate videos like agent bios, market updates, beautiful property tours and so forth has never been as important as it is now. The whole world is watching and waiting since, hey, buying a new house is a pretty substantial milestone in one’s life; why not make it easier for those growing millennials, who consume social media and video like it’s going out of style, to make a decision already?

In a recent study, eMarketer determined that the majority of video consumption is absorbed by millennials. The shift in the real estate space to a more millennial friendly market requires us to expand on our social and video presences.

So what can you do to remain relevant, competitive, accessible, and any other things I couldn’t think of (I believe etcetera is overdue here)? How do you reach your intended audience in a way that comes across as relevant, genuine and important?

Consider vetting your followers and further filtering who you actually will, and should be, following.

Sure, following a bunch of random people can surge your followers momentarily but it’s against Twitter compliance and also negates the importance of identifying qualified buyers or, in this case, followers for your network. Brands and brokerages should consider following local brands. For example, I follow City of Boulder so that I can not only poach their followers, but also share and distribute their content to provide information to my own. The rule for social media is 80/20: you want to share cool industry news and fun facts 80% of the time, with 20% being dedicated to news and content about you specifically. It’s easy to want to put product first - heck I do this ALL THE TIME - but it’s important to lead with value and relevant content if you’re looking to engage buyers and build your eventual client base.

Post multiple times, same content, new subject lines, repeat.

When posting to social media outlets, it’s totally okay to post the same content multiple times. Not everyone is going to be following every single post or Tweet you make, but rather, the more the merrier in this case...some say it’s nagging, I call it persistence! You don’t want to go overboard but you can, however, post the same content multiple times with different subject lines to convert those viewers who haven’t been following you intently (or simply need a few extra pushes to click on your content). The top influencers do this. Inman re-posted an article that WellcomeMat published multiple times with multiple subject lines in order to gain likes and followers. Hey, when you’re promoting your business or brand you must believe in it and have no shame. Consistent, cohesive messaging goes a long way. People are busy and they can’t always click on or see your initial post!

Make your videos short, fun, engaging and to the point.

Wistia recently reported that the majority of online consumption of video is less than 30 seconds, however, based on WellcomeMat’s real estate video data, the metrics actually prove that viewers watch an average of 46 seconds of real estate video content and then drop off. What does this mean? The more high quality, engaging video content you have is going to end up converting the user more times than not. It has been proven that video converts consumers 4x more than any other form of content today, with full motion pushing the limits and creating a powerful vacuum of content and lead generation for brokerages/brands.

Last but not least, push your videos to all social and real estate-focused channels!

Video content should always be pushed to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels for maximum reach but sites with highly targeted audiences like the The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Mansion Global to name a few - should your customers be customers of theirs as well.

The bottom line of social media marketing and video is relevance, timeliness, cohesiveness and genuine content. You want your content in all the places your customers frequent so you can connect with them at a time that not only works for them, but at a time they are already consuming media. I know that I’ll be consuming media at some point today, whether it’s display ads before a video or links while searching on Facebook, it’s important to be featured in all the places your customers frequent. Just get out there. Know video content in real estate isn’t going anywhere and only the brightest and most competitive marketers in the industry are using it.

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