June 7, 2016


That’s the increase in click-through rates an email marketing message can see by including a video click-to-play image. It's also why we’re so excited to announce a new partnership with Rezora, one of real estate’s leading digital marketing platforms.

Through the new integration, Rezora customers can now easily embed listing videos from their WellcomeMat account directly into Rezora’s marketing emails templates, all without leaving Rezora’s software suite, allowing email recipients to click directly to the video landing page on your site from their inbox.

For an overview, Rick Chastain, Rezora’s VP of Marketing, will guide you through the implementation:

The Rezora-Wellcomemat integration now gives real estate marketers and agents the ability to efficiently use video to better convert readers into viewers and site visitors. In order to take advantage of this integration, you must be a customer of both Rezora and WellcomeMat.

Rezora is a digital marketing software platform that helps brokerages and sales agents nurture relationships, attract customers and close more deals by offering best-in-class email marketing, display ad retargeting and other features under one integrated solution. If you’re not currently a Rezora customer and wish to learn more about their services, please contact Rick Chastain, VP of Marketing, at rick@rezora.com.

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