March 16, 2017

Just about everything that can be seen has already been recorded. We thought mobile phones were the explosion in visualization and, while vast amounts of content did result, it is only now that metadata is sweeping everything into the visual index.

What’s the visual index? The visual index is where an enormous amount of metadata meets the science producing fully immersive, rich media search like the world has never seen. For example, say there are a thousand images and videos taken in a specific location--like we aimed to provide with Pegshot back in 2009. With an easy means to shoot and share these images, users could search for photos or videos in near real-time, at a specific latitude and longitude. Enter the visual index...

Videos and images are being auto-tagged on any device with a camera: cars, phones, drones and watches.

Not users tagging their images and videos

Not images posted to an image recognition server to be tagged

Auto-tagged by devices, many entirely automated

Toss in a human viewport, 360 video...VR pick. Now you are down in it!

Real estate is on the precipice. Chaptering videos is how people find what is important in a linear runtime. Frame location tags importance in 360 degrees. Insert theories from Celestial Navigation. Want to view a location? Great. Easy. Want to view the interior of homes or offices? Coming soon via drone automation. Want to literally space travel? Tomorrow.

The visual index is coming faster than any prior trend we have seen in digital imaging. It’s here and now and real estate transactions will be far better for it.

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
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