January 18, 2018
“Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.” - Seneca

In the world of tech giants, the war worth winning at any cost is video. Apple made headlines when they stated that they would spend $1B yearly to license and create video content. Netflix is spending $8 billion. Disney announced that--in addition to what they invest to create content--they’re investing another $1.58 billion (on top of its initial $1 billion) to increase their ownership of BAMTech to 75%. Fold in Google/YouTube, Amazon Prime, Facebook and HBO’s investments and one might start to ask, “why are all of the heavy hitters that collectively own the digital future betting so big on video?”

Consumers call the shots.  

While video is the no contest, “it” content forcing platforms into competition (gasp...content creation) with studios/networks outside of real estate, many in our industry have allowed objections against video to sink in and lull them into the deepest of sleep. We’ve obsessed with our mission to “attach a video to every property and place,” yet countless VP and C-level marketing execs have told us, “video will always be niche content designated to the luxury end of the market.”  


Consumers are the North Star.

Real estate is just few steps away from a sea change in how we find new places to live, work and play. The headline to watch out for will read something like, “Behold! The First, Automatically-created, 360 Degree Video Tour is Here!”


A tsunami of 4-8K, 360 degree video is about to hit our industry and, when it does, all bets are off:

  • The footage is as stable as your favorite, action news team traffic cam or ski/snowboard/surf flick; helicopter/drone footage is stable in its natural state. Any shakiness that persists will be smoothed by algorithms, not a post production process.
  • Filmmakers’ businesses will explode: they’ll have access to unheard of, cinematic shots to add to higher-end masterpieces and finally be enabled (via automation) to go down-market to lower price points. 
  • At a minimum of 30 fps (frames per second), the days of “not enough HD photos” will feel like a nostalgic ride in Amish country. Pass the Hershey’s chocolate... 
If you find yourself doubting video automation, please watch the following video or read Google Has an Indoor Positioning Tech in the Works Called VPS. The quantum leap of video into mainstream consumer search will come to be known as an overnight success or huge miss for a lot of real estate companies. The lucky ones are already prepared.

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