Real Estate Video – Have We Reached a Tipping Point?

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
January 21, 2011

Leading real estate brokerages/brands (both national and local) are beginning to see the value in using online video as a uniquely different and powerful way to connect with consumers. These brokerages have always provided local information on the communities in which they represent, however many are now including (in fact prioritizing) a "hyper-local" video strategy into future marketing budgets.

Need further evidence? Take a look at a conversation that took place at the recent Inman Connect Conference in NYC. WellcomeMat Co-Founder Christian Sterner joined Amy Kane, [former] SVP of Houlihan Lawrence and Gahlord Dewald, Inman News Columnist and Principal, ThoughtFaucet in front of a packed house of real estate agents, brokers and service providers to discuss the state of NOW in real estate video. Attendees overflowed the Marriott ballroom to witness (IMHO) unequivocally the best conversation we've seen to date on the value of video within the real estate industry.

Watch the video above OR save yourself some time and roll over the chapters for more context. Video chapters allow you to jump around the video (think DVD player) to the portions of the conversation of most interest to you.

3 reasons why video "might" be close to a tipping point:

1. Leadership - We are just now beginning to see the results from when brokerages such as Halstead Property, Houlihan Lawrence and Seven Gables Real Estate produce high quality local videos (property videos, community tours, etc). Thanks to their leadership, the bar has been set for real estate video production.

2. Maturation - Panels/talks involving video in real estate industry are no longer getting lost in childish and counterproductive debates. From 2007-2010, these debates (many of which were misdirected) often went down the path of comparing video to so-called competing technologies (virtual tours, photos, etc). Video will always have its detractors, but "the crowd" is beginning to embrace and champion 30 frames per second as the best way to tell the story of a property, place or area. We're not there yet, but if the conversation above is any indication of the public sentiment surrounding video, we're well past our adolescence.

3. Return on Investment (ROI) - Towards the end of this panel (23:12) during the audience Q&A, Renée Fishman, Vice President & Associate Broker at Halstead Property joins the conversation by emphatically stating, "I use video and it helps me win business. It's my #1 marketing strategy. If I'm going to spend money to market a listing, video is the first thing I do. If I have to spend money in one place, it's video." Rene and thousands of real estate professionals like her are seeing tangible results from an investment in real estate video marketing.

Have We Reached a Tipping Point? I'm not sure, but this train is definitely leaving the station. All aboard!
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