Is there a place for DIY video in real estate marketing?

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
June 12, 2013
Many have questioned my assessment, but I've always maintained there is a place for DIY video in real estate service marketing. 
Naysayers might suggest that you, “Do video right, or don’t do it at all. I guess that all depends on your definition of 'right'...right? Regardless, the general argument against DIY goes something like this: (1) DIY video is too time consuming, and (2) DIY video is rarely done well and, as a consequence, the end product turns away the consumer.

The naysayers might be on to something. It
's probably safe to suggest that nobody wants to look at a terribly shaky DIY video of their dream property or place. For the majority of real estate professionals, finding a local filmmaker (a true storyteller) offers the best opportunity to create a compelling experience for the viewerI've said it before, “Just because you can cut your own hair does not mean you should.

That said, I do have one question for you: Could opportunities exist when the need for a quick snapshot or mobile video is more relevant to your client's decision making process than a highly edited presentation of that same visual information? Simply put, is it possible for convenience to trump quality? I've outlined my thoughts on DIY vs Professional video, however I'd love to hear your take as well. 

Is there a place for DIY video in real estate marketing?
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