WellcomeMat Featured Filmmaker: Interior Pixels

By WellcomeMat EDU
August 20, 2013

Meet one of WellcomeMat's incredible filmmaker teams and watch a video they produced for Ellen Degeneres' Hidden Valley Ranch!

Interior Pixels

Interior Pixels is a collective of filmmakers, film composers, producers and real estate marketing strategists who create cinematic content for high-end properties.  

Tell us about Interior Pixels.

Our approach to creating high quality media requires the contracting of film industry professionals. The value in our films is derived from these professionals who carefully infuse their industry expertise into our emotionally resonant films. We also hire professional composers to score our films. This gives us the freedom to give our media to any website or blog we desire, as we are able to retain the copyright on all the content in the videos.

As a result of the success of our films, our company has also evolved into a

distributional channel. We have received a sincerely positive response from major media outlets, who have given us priority contacts, as they can rely on us to provide high quality content on a more consistent basis than individual agents or agencies.

How did you get your start in creating real estate videos?

My brother and I were working in real estate and we thought the digital content within our industry was stagnant and falling behind other industries.  At the time, my cousin, who is a filmmaker, was producing incredibly engaging and emotionally resonant videos for boutique businesses.  We thought that his talents could be used in real estate so we had him create a video for one of our listings.  The feedback was incredible and this support convinced us to build a business around the talents of my cousins.  I say “cousins” because my other cousin composes the music for our videos, which he designs to flow with each frame of our videos.   Interior Pixels is a family biz!

Where are you located?  And what is special about where you live?

We are located just north of Los Angeles.  The best part about our location is that we get to shoot a wide variety of properties.  From mid-century modern homes in the heart of Los Angeles to sprawling ranch homes up the Santa Barbara coast, we get to capture the awesome range of real estate that Southern California has to offer.  

How do you approach video marketing for real estate?

Get it out there!! We always tell to agents to use email, social media, personal websites, company websites to blast the content to as many people as possible. For unique properties we provide a publicity team uses personal contacts to direct the film to appropriate media outlets.  

What's the best advice you can give to agents about effectively finding the right filmmaker?  

Find a filmmaker that draws out the character of the property and doesn’t just apply a single style of shooting to all of their videos.  Every property has a different story to tell so every video should have a unique quality to it.  

In your opinion what is the best way to quickly catch the attention of viewers through a real estate video?

We take our cue from cinema so it is always our focus to develop a story.

By combining music that is specifically composed for the property with artistic shots, we try to keep the viewer engaged throughout.  That said, we always start with a dynamic opening shot that sets the tone for the specific property.

Do you have any funny/scary/interesting stories from a real estate shoot?

There isn’t one that stands out but there is a theme developing at our shoots.  We get attacked by water features.  On our last shoot my brother got blasted by a faulty faucet.  On the Bel Air shoot my cousin got soaked by a waterfall feature that randomly turned on.  I am up next, I am going to wear a wetsuit to our next shoot!!

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