Call to Filmmakers!

By Marcellee Williams
October 15, 2013

As always, WellcomeMat is doing its best to position filmmakers as experts on all things real estate video. We have been asked by real estate news companies to create short video clips about filmmaking basics to educate real estate professionals and brand managers. We think this is a great idea, but only if we are providing filmmakers with the opportunity to win more business on our site and throughout real estate news sources. These education-based videos will be featured on our homepage, throughout our site's help sections, published within real estate news magazines/websites and sent out via email. Anywhere that these videos are found, you will be front and center as the video expert.

Do you want to show off your lighting skills?  How about your knowledge about the best cameras to use for property tours?  Are you a badass with a slider? We want to utilize our filmmaking experts.  You!

If you are interested in participating or have a great idea for a video, please reply in the comments and someone from our team will be in touch asap.

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
Find out more by contacting us now!


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