The Power of Hyperlocal Videos

By WellcomeMat Blog
December 4, 2013

One of WellcomeMat's very talented filmmakers, Fred Light, talks about the power of video. Make sure to check out this recent neighborhood event video that he shot for Keller Williams Realtor, Rudy Mayer.

"This is a perfect example of how hyperlocal videos can really do wonders for an agent. I have been trying to get this agent on camera for 8 years - literally.  He just totally freezes up in front of the camera, but agreed to do this.  (Took longer to shoot his two sentences than the entire video!).

The video was posted (literally) before the event even finished this past Saturday night.  In less than 24 hours, the video was posted on the Facebook pages of a half dozen stores downtown, it was posted on the Patch website this morning and on their Facebook page, the agent received a voicemail from the owner of a 100+ year old jewelry store gushing over the video telling him that he posted it on HIS website, and dozens of people posted the video on their Facebook pages.  He was recognized at lunch yesterday in a downtown restaurant by the owner - a total stranger. It feels as if EVERYONE saw that thing and he's definitely feeling the buzz everywhere he goes. After 8 years, he finally "gets it", and even though it's painful, we're doing another one tomorrow!

He's stopping into the jewelry store this week to personally introduce himself to the owner, a very prominent businessman downtown and to thank him for the call.  

Of course, the agent emailed me and told me that "I was right".  He's onboard and going to do more.  And he'll get better.  It just takes practice. But he can see first hand the benefits of doing these types of videos AND being IN the video, even though it's crazy difficult for him."

Congrats Fred and Rudy! You made a stellar video that perfectly demonstrates how powerful hyperlocal real estate video can be.  This is EXACTLY why we do what we do!

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