March 10, 2020

The R in Contract Stands for Relationship:  Using Video to Establish and Build Relationships


As video continues to cement its place in the real estate industry, we see that many people get stuck on creating listing videos and never really move beyond that.  However, our most successful partners have moved well beyond listing videos, seeing the value in creating a video portfolio made up of a variety of different types of videos.  

You can use videos to establish, and then build upon, relationships, and that is the key to attracting and retaining clients.  According to Biteable, “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent that uses real estate videos for marketing.”  So, by simply embracing video in the first place, you are already well on your way to establishing trust and creating relationships.  Before diving in to our video types, let’s consider these three statements from BoostApps:

  • “50% of buyers find their new home online.”

  • “Almost 51% of shoppers use YouTube as their number one destination for research.”

  • “84% of new homebuyers say the information they found online was crucial for their research.”

Considering the above statistics, it only makes sense to have a serious online presence, and knowing the large percentage of buyers and sellers who want video, it is time to get on board and put a video marketing plan in motion.

If you would like to learn about the many types of videos that we recommend, have a look at this recent WellcomeMat blog post.  To summarize very briefly, the referenced blog post dives into the following video categories:

-Listing videos.

-Client testimonials.

-Agent / Team bios.

-Neighborhood videos.

-Community involvement videos.

-Informational videos.

-Special events.

-Live clips.

-Video open houses.

Today, we are looking at using video to establish and nurture relationships, and will focus on the highlighted video types above.  First, when we talk about establishing and building/nurturing relationships, what first comes to mind is the relationship with potential clients.  That is what we will focus on in this article, but before doing so, I’d like to mention that your video plan can also help to establish and build relationships with potential hires.  As agents look for a brand/brokerage to join, they want to know what that brand/brokerage stands for, and creating videos targeting new hires can be a very effective recruitment strategy.  

Now, let’s turn our focus to using the above highlighted video types to establish and nurture relationships with clients.  First, we have to establish the relationship. For this, the first three steps are Client testimonials, Agent / Team bios, and Informational videos.  Let’s break them down a bit.

-Client Testimonials

  This is your chance to capitalize on your successes.  Any time you sell a house, whether you have represented the buyer or the seller, consider asking to make one of these videos.  Clearly, you want to be certain that the experience was wonderful for your client, and if you know that it is, a simple ask for a few minutes of their time could pay dividends.  Having clients outline how easy the process was, from first contact through the closing process, can set potential clients at ease. You are building trust through this video, and visitors to your website can see that through the willingness of other clients taking the time to show their appreciation.  Trust is huge in any relationship, and the realtor/client relationship is no different.   

 -Agent / Team Bios

Along with client testimonials, these videos are a great way to establish trust and create relationships.  This is your chance to introduce yourself and what is important to you, both in business and in general. Buying or selling a home is an emotional experience, and your job here, as in all videos, is to reach the emotions of your audience.  Here is a good tip from (I recommend checking out that article for more ideas):

-”Videos help generate social proof and build your trust as the ‘go-to’ real estate professional.  What do buyers and sellers value most in a real estate agent? Honesty! Having a lot of listings will only come if you can persuade others that you are in fact a stand-up, trustworthy person.  By using video consistently in your digital marketing, you can build trust through familiarity with your local audience. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable on camera and prospects will appreciate your honesty. In other words, share your struggles as well as your wins. Showcase your personality with humor and insights into your preferences.” (formatting changed from original article)

Use these videos to make a statement about what you value in life and in business.  Clients will be attracted to you based on what you stand for, not just your business record.  Be vulnerable, be yourself, and leave potential clients wanting to meet you.

-Informational Videos

This is a very broad subject.  For our purposes, I look at this category as an extension of the agent/team bio videos.  More precisely, can you, as a brand, produce videos that clearly state your philosophy? This is hugely important, as clients not only want to get to know their potential agents, but also the companies they work for.  This is a great opportunity to make known how you support your agents, how you give back to the community, and the like. What information do you make available to potential clients? Do you produce market reports, weekly or monthly videos highlighting current and/or new listing, or a series on what your agents and/or teams are up to?  If not, these are great videos to consider. Celebrate agents who are doing well, both in terms of numbers and in terms of community involvement. Let potential clients know how involved you are in the community.

This leaves us with the other three categories:  Neighborhood videos, Community involvement videos, and videos highlighting Special events.  Let’s take a brief look at each of these, remembering that the whole point of these videos is to build and cultivate relationships.

-Neighborhood Videos

If you have several listings in one neighborhood or part of town, consider making a video about that neighborhood.  Not only does this add to your arsenal of content, but it also shows you as an overall expert of the area and supplies you with evergreen content that can be used for individual listing videos.  Show the amenities of a given neighborhood or part of town, use drone footage to situate this area into the town/city in general, and give a look at businesses in the area.

-Community Videos

These are similar to neighborhood videos, but I make the distinction here because these videos are more general.  In other words, instead of focusing on one part of your city or town, these videos take a look at the total picture.  Examples of these videos are those that highlight favorite/popular restaurants, shops, parks, and the like. Think about what makes your town different from others in the area.  Why did you move there? What draws people there? This is a great opportunity to include interviews with proprietors in the area. By introducing viewers to figures in the community, you further establish trust and make them feel as though they are already in the know about what to do, who lives there, and why the town is unique.

-Special Events

For our last category, we will consider special events.  These will be different for everyone, and could be produced by agents, brokers, or brands.  First, are there any events that your brand or brokerage organize? These could be food drives, coat collections, or even events that celebrate your agents.  Next, what are the events/festivals that define your town? Whether these bring in tourists or not, these are great to publicize, as they are opportunities to show your audience that you are an expert about the area and are involved in your town’s events.  


Using video to establish and build upon relationships, both within your organization and with potential clients, simply makes sense.  Buyers and sellers want to see video, and it is the best medium for establishing a meaningful and emotional connection with potential clients.  Have questions about how to get started. Get in touch with us here at WellcomeMat; we would love to help.

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