Newbie questions RE: embedding videos

By Paul Linden
March 12, 2010

Hey, folks,

I appreciate any help you can offer...I'm playing around with WellcomeMat as a new solution for hosting and streaming my video tours.  I've embedded the player into my tour window, but have a couple of questions about it.  First, here:

The video looks nice on the page, but I'd like it a little bigger.  I decided to try to use the Compact Player (for videos without cue points, since the cue points I put into this one didn't do anything...when I click on a chapter name, it just says "buffering video" but never goes there).

I resized the dimensions of the player, but when I did, it re-inserted the cue points that I was trying to eliminate.  Specifically, I resized the Compact Player from 400x348 to 600x522.  When I opened the page, the cue points were back, the video was the same size, and I had a big space underneath.

It'd be awesome if I could embed the player on a page the same size that it previews in the "Manage Videos" area.

Am I missing something?  Any help is appreciated.

Paul @ Nutek

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