Why remove the 'Hire Me' feature!!?

By Ray Lane
August 20, 2009

 Here is something I don't get.  One of the best things about wellcomemat was that a person can look up videographers in the area, and hire them at the touch of a button.  I have clients who were actually using this feature.  Suddenly, that feature is gone.  When they try to 'hire me', it goes to the production board.  When I asked support why it wasn't working, I was told that they removed that feature to 'make things easier'.  

Can someone tell me how having to click 'hire me' put in the project, respionf by e-mail that you really want to post the project, call me to let me know there is a project they would like me to do on the production board, have me place a bid, have them respond to the bid, and then work on the project is easier than just hitting the 'hire me' button?

I asked support that question, but they never bothered to respond.  This for me, is a real deal-breaker.  WellcomeMat deems doing projects through their system so important, that they give you 1000 points, yet they remove the easy method of doing so.  Sadly, since they removed this feature, I have just been working over the phone, and haven't even posted the videos on WellcomeMat at all.  I don't mean this as a punishment, I just mean that the reason I was using WellcomeMat's video delivery was BECAUSE of the ability to work with clients.  Without that feature, there's no reason for me to use WellcomeMat for the video when I am putting the video on all the other sites anyway.

I for one ask for this great feature to be returned....PLEASE!!??!

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