Video Quality + Processing Speed Updates

By Christian A. Sterner
May 29, 2009


I. One of the main factors regarding video quality over the course of the last few weeks/months was the size of our new player. We rolled out the newest version of the player, but videos were playing back in a smaller version of our 4:3 aspect ratio player. This caused quality issues.

We were transcoding videos to fit our newest version of our video channel pages.

Result: video quality on WellcomeMat is back where it should be.

Next Steps: very soon, we are rolling out super-crisp, high-quality video playback for Pro level members. This means that the quality that you see now, already very good if you ask me, is about to be improved A LOT.

II. Video Processing Speeds

Videos that were uploaded to our site were taking way too long to transcode (which means taking a video file from it's uploaded format and turning it into .FLV or flash video). We have done two pretty major things to speed things up:

a) we upgraded our servers and are operating at over double the amount of horse-power in relation to a couple weeks ago.

b) we have updated our transcoding software to the newest version.

Last we checked, these changes decreased the amount of time it takes for a video to become live by over 50%. Pretty money if you ask me.


We have identified ways to speed things up even more and are in the process of doing this as we speak. Look for even quicker turnarounds.

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
Find out more by contacting us now!


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