March 4, 2015
It keeps happening. We keep seeing lists from reputable people and companies about what agents value most from brokerages. As a company that serves a lot of brokerages, the below infographic via Inman News strikes home in a big way. Why? Because, out of the 9 things shown to be most valued by agents, video can and will positively affect 7 of them. If you are a broker looking to attract and retain the best agents, here are seven opportunities to tighten your team building game using video:

Valuable Services Brokers Provide via Inman News

1) Brand Name/Recognition: when was the last time you teared up while consuming media? What kind of content was it? Yes, we know: the last piece of media to make your tear ducts do work was video. It’s ok to be in touch with your emotional side, tough guys and ladies. It’s also ok to admit that no other form of content will emotionally connect consumers to your brand more than video and, more importantly, commit your team's time and resources to doing something about it.

While Facebook and Twitter chip away at YouTube’s position, back-burnering YouTube hosted content within their platforms (a theory WellcomeMat’s team has proven through our own, internal testing), Google, Amazon and Netflix are producing their own original content. Why are companies that have long maintained a position as tech platforms creating original content? Because everyone (most especially TV and movie studios) knows that video content is king.

2) Training: we do a ton of web demos here at WellcomeMat. It’s extremely difficult to say the same things over and over again with pizzazz. To the extent that you share the belief that “time is a human’s most valuable resource,” there is no more important step than training agents with video content. Achieving organizational excellence is one thing - scaling excellence is another thing entirely. Think about topics, themes and questions that constantly come up. Would it help to offer a video help center either publicly or behind your agent login wall?

3) Technology: at this stage in the game, there can be no argument that video doesn’t help agents to market themselves and their properties. However, we don’t believe agents want more technology -- they want the business growth that technology affords them. Why not demonstrate the value agents can expect to capture from the tech that your company provides, while showcasing your ability to thrive with video?

4) A Good Working Environment: how great is your working environment, your culture and the location of your office(s)? There has never been a better opportunity to show your vision in motion than an office video where your best and brightest give their first person impression of your culture and workspace(s).

5) Career Mentoring: in my opinion, hearing people say, “if I can make a difference in just one person’s life, that’s enough for me,” is depressing. One person? Why? Why not make a difference in all your agents careers? Who is more in tune with what makes great agents excellent than you, the broker or team leader? Is there a better way to showcase your best team members and the unique ways that your leadership team lifts up new recruits than video?

6) Buyer Leads: this one is easy. Video builds traffic on websites through both SEO and social referrals. It increases the amount of time spent on your site, and it’s a known fact that the more time people spend on your site, the greater your chances of converting them into an offline relationship. Do you believe that consumers that have watched videos before contacting your agents should have a boosted, “hotter” lead score?

7) Listings: WellcomeMat’s has been the premier video platform in real estate since 2006. The single most prevalent piece of feedback we get about video as a marketing tool--from the time we began to the present moment--is that “I do not lose listings against agents that are not doing video.” Video wins just does. According to, "70% of home sellers indicated that they would be more likely to list their home with an agent who offered a full-motion video home tour." The reasons for this are as follows:
  • Listing videos invoke emotional reactions from viewers and nothing speeds a transaction of any sort more than emotion.
  • Videos make the connection between location highlights and the properties themselves: schools, proximity to stores, parks etc. This is the edge that video has over any other form of rich media. 
  • Homeowners do not want to prep their homes for showings over and over again. It’s a huge pain and, without a video, a lot of wasted effort.
  • Video is a unique way to reach consumers in places that the real estate industry never has before.  
Impact would the best word to describe the things that we put the most amount of effort into. Our bet is your team shares the same goal. Out of curiosity, what would be a better use of your marketing, training, and recruiting dollars than video?

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