July 24, 2015

I am the type of person who thinks organization and structure are imperative to success in life. And yet despite my plethora of to-do lists, sticky notes, and complex note taking systems I have always struggled when it came to truly organizing video. Video, by nature, is difficult to organize. Simply because it is based on a linear time structure that leaves viewers without much support.

But ultimately, my frustration was a matter of not having the correct tools at my disposal. And when it comes to real estate video, WellcomeMat excels at ensuring that my videos are intelligently organized by asking all the right questions during the upload process, providing playlists and channels to effectively group my videos, and even simplifying a localized social distribution.

WellcomeMat also offers another hugely valuable tool that helps to improve the video experience: Video Chaptering.

What is video chaptering?

Video chaptering is a WellcomeMat patented technology that allows users to add keywords or captions to specific moments of a video, allowing viewers to click to, and share, exactly what interests them in a video.

Why should I chapter my videos?

When WellcomeMat was in its infancy we realized that one of the primary challenges of video was that video creators and viewers frequently clashed when it came to what they wanted out of a video. An agent, broker, or brand obviously wants a viewer to watch the videos they create from start to finish. But this is, unfortunately, an unrealistic expectation because viewers frequently have a laser focus when it comes to what they are interested in. Video chaptering is a way to close the gap between viewer and creator so they both gain value from the video experience.

What are some use cases for video chaptering?

There are many use cases for utilizing video chaptering for your video content. The best question to ask yourself when trying to determine if a chapter would be useful is “Does this provide useful context or highlight an important part of the video?”

Here are a few examples of when to chapter your video:

1. To highlight specific areas of a home in a property tour: This allows consumers to click to the exact area of a home that interests them most as well as share this section with a via a link or email. The video below allows users to directly view and share relevant portions of the video. 

If I'm viewing this video and I know my significant other would love this kitchen, I can share that chapter and he'll start viewing at that point in the video.

2. To split up a longer video: Most users will click away from a video before the two minute mark. Adding video chapters allows them to gain context that adds to engagement and encourages viewers to continue watching a video.

3. To guide viewers through training or educational videos: Many of our users upload private videos for the purpose of training new agents and brokers. Adding chapters to these type of videos makes the learning process significantly easier as viewers can seek to specific points in the video for review, saving significant time

How do I chapter my videos?

Take a look at this video tutorial that shows exactly how to chapter your videos:

Feel free to ask any other questions you may have about video chaptering in the comments below!
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