September 8, 2015
Everyday, there are tens of thousands of videos posted to Facebook. In July alone, 1.8 million videos were posted generating 68.5 billion views (yes, billion). So how does one cut through all the noise and stand out among the masses?

I recently came across a TED talk given in 2012 by Oscar-winning filmmaker Andrew Stanton. Aside from his hilarious opening, he makes two statements that really resonated with me and got me thinking about what it takes to really win in video marketing.  

First statement: “The greatest story commandment is 'Make me care'.”

Second statement: “The best stories infuse wonder.”  

The reason video is so powerful is that it’s the only medium that truly enables someone to emotionally connect with your message. Since humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish (sadly, I’m not kidding), you need something great to set you apart in the marketplace.

In real estate, the storytelling surface has barely been scratched. The majority of the industry “thinks” they’re doing video but in reality, there’s a massive gap between those doing it and those doing it the right way. But this isn’t as tricky as you think.

Does this virtual tour make you care? 

Does this iPhone video infuse wonder?

Now take this video by Summit Sotheby’s International Realty:

The filmmaker does an amazing job capturing the aesthetics of this property, but it’s the story that made me envision what life would be like in that home:

Enjoy gorgeous views of the mountains while you relax in the great room…

Indulge your culinary skills in the professional kitchen…

Enjoy warm summer nights around your outdoor firepit with family and friends…

Notice how I chose my words above. Without the story, this house was a property. The left brain sees that it has bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, bathrooms and a backyard. Everything you need to accept that into your search criteria. Add in the storytelling and now the right brain kicks in. Now it’s a home. The story infused that wonder of what it’s going to be like to live here - enjoying the scenery, cooking an amazing meal, drinking beers with friends around the fire.

Perhaps the master of storytelling is Brian Lewis of Halstead Properties (@Brian_K_Lewis). For nearly a decade, Brian has been creating some of the most entertaining listing videos in the industry. 

In a video during a Luxury Portfolio conference earlier this year, he described the impact these videos have for his sellers, bringing the seller more visibility and more money and makes the seller’s homes more interesting and in the end, winning him more listings. That’s where great video shines.

To wrap this up, Marc Davidson of 1000watt (@1000wattmarc) said it best in a blog post a couple years ago:

“Bad videos kill a brand.

Decent videos aren’t memorable.

But great video is worth its weight in gold.”

The search gets the property into a list, but the story lets us imagine what’s possible. When you’re competing with 1.8 million other videos, even a good video isn't going to cut it. You have to be great. Get me to care and you’ll win me over...every time.

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