October 30, 2015
By now there are countless studies and statistics that prove video content is essential in real estate marketing. Video is the best and most efficient way to get your message to your consumers. It allows you to show off your business’ personality, generating interest and trust from potential clients. If you talk with someone who may not be as familiar with the idea of using video in real estate, they may ask why full motion video is any better than a simple slideshow or virtual tour. Our answer, there is no comparison! There are so many different and creative ways you can utilize full motion video to promote, not only your listings, but also your agents, company, and communities.

Real estate video is not simply various videos of homes that are for sale. If you are fully equipped with a large variety of videos, a potential client can get all of the information and more in one place. In many cases I catch myself spending a lot of time browsing and truly enjoying the variety of video that our awesome partners are offering. I can daydream about featured luxury properties, I can find a real estate agent who seems to be a good fit for me, and I can hear about other customer’s experiences with that person. I can also educate myself about the market and learn about the community this home is in as well as the different destinations and activities that the community has to offer. And I can do all of this from the couch in my apartment. Get creative and earn that trust and potential business with these 10 creative ways to utilize full motion video in real estate!

1. Property Videos

The first way to use full motion video is obvious, you need to showcase your properties! Don’t you hate it when you order something online and when it shows up it is nothing like what was advertised? Well the same principle applies when buying a home. You want your customers to feel like they are there, experiencing the home and creating an emotional connection. You can help create that feeling by taking the time to showcase the entire house while taking the extra steps like zooming in on some of those charming details that make the home unique. Check out this example from Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty for a luxury estate in the Bahamas.

2. Neighborhood Tours

One of my favorite ways that brokers are using video are neighborhood tours.  I love this idea because your community is just as important as the home itself, if not more so. These videos showcase the community that clients are considering joining. This helps the buyer feel much more informed, and helps establish a level of trust in you and your company. Take a tour of my town of Boulder, CO with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, check out the artistic side of NYC in Dumbo with Halstead Properties or find the best watering holes of TriBeCa with Bond New York.

3. Market Updates

To stick with the keeping your customers informed theme, a lot of brokerages are posting frequent market updates so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself in to. Again, trust is huge in this industry because for most of us this is the biggest purchase/ sale we will be dealing with in our lives. And for a kiddo like me, leasing an apartment can be overwhelming and confusing, so like many other people my age, we love to be fed constant information. This market update by Halstead is brief and packed with important info, just how I like it.

4. Company Culture

This one is a lot of fun too. You don’t have to be all business all the time. Showing off your personality is a great way for clients to see that you are willing to have fun, which makes you more personable and likeable. So go ahead, be a little goofy and showcase how much fun everyone will have working with you. Here is Willis Allen having fun with their Arbor Day fundraiser announcement.

And here is William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty letting everyone know why they are the perfect fit for many of their agents, a key ingredient in recruiting and attracting the top producers in your market.

5. Agent Profile

Here is where you get to brag about yourself. It’s kind of like a video interview so try to relax, at least you get multiple takes to get this one right! As a potential home buyer, I love agent profile videos. It’s kind of like online dating, you can find that perfect match. Check out this example by Willis Allen for Gerri-Lynn Fives. I love this example because it is relaxed, fun, and packed with the right kind of information.

6. Testimonials
Now that you have taken a second to brag about yourself and showcase your personality, get those favorite clients of yours to explain why you are so great. When I put my “potential client” hat on, this will be the first video I look for! Anyone can brag about himself or herself, but if you made someone happy enough to come in and sit in front of a camera to talk about how great their real estate agent was, I am interested. For an agent, testimonials may be the most important content you create.

7. Inspiration 
Okay here is where I can get drawn into our partner’s channels for days. I like to consider myself a dreamer when I think of my future home and these inspiration videos by Sotheby’s International Realty have me hooked. I can travel the world and look at some of the most beautiful properties around. Then I head back to my studio apartment and use that inspiration to try and make my humble abode a little more luxurious. These videos are fun for potential clients, but they also will set you apart. They showcase your expertise and they help potential clients decide what styles inspire them.

8. Time-Lapse
I love these videos because one, they are stunning and entertaining to watch, but also because it gives you a quick snapshot of what a typical day may look like for you living in that neighborhood. This time-lapse video by Halstead is memorizing and really showcases the views from this home and neighborhood in Brooklyn.

9. Spotlight
Here’s another one for those dreamers out there like me. Not every piece of video content that you create has to be to sell something; you can use it for education and inspiration as well. So here is a penthouse that you have my permission to drool over. Sotheby’s International Realty also does a great job of simply showcasing their love of real estate and are sharing that love with their customers.

10. Lifestyle Video
Now this one is one of the newest trends in real estate video. And it has caused a little bit of controversy in the office. Mainly because I keep watching examples, you know for research, and people are wondering why I am watching men shower in the office. Again, I watch these videos for research, how else will you know how much water pressure that shower head has? Although this concept may seem a little over the top, a lot of brokerages are beginning to create mini movies to not only showcase the home, but to showcase the lifestyle you will be able to live in that home. Some are taking this to a whole new level when it comes to those multi million dollar luxury estates, and are showing how you can live that “millionaire lifestyle.” There has been a little debate going on over here about whether or not these videos are taking it a little too far, or if they are being smart because hey, they caught our attention. So take a look at these examples and let us know what you think about this more controversial tactic for selling a home. Warning, these are not necessarily safe for work, I am speaking from experience here.

Remember, video is your friend! It can do so many things for you. You can showcase homes, yourself, your community, as well as train, educate, and build trust. It is the most valuable tool you can invest in and you will see the results. With customers, trust is everything and the more they get to know you, the more they will like you. Real estate video isn’t just about selling a home. Think of it as a tool to market your brand, establish trust and build relationships. The different and creative ways you can utilize it are endless.

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