Outsiders Connecting People and Places

By Christian A. Sterner
December 17, 2006

If you are reading this, than you are surely an individual that WellcomeMat would consider our "core." This first blog entry is written at a time when WellcomeMat has less than 700 registered users. We are, however, within a very exciting time for our company (more to come on this), and operating within a very emotionally-charged industry torn between old (the institution) and new (technology).

Because Yvon Chouinard's (founder/owner, Patagonia) book, Let My People Go Surfing, has inspired this first blog posting, I figure the only way that justice could be served is if I start with a quote: "Our current landscape is filled with complacency, be it in the corporate world or on the environmental front. Only on the fringes of an ecosystem, those outer rings, do evolution and adaption occur at a furious pace; the inner center of the system is where the entrenched, nonadapting species die off, doomed to failure by maintaining the status quo," Yvon Chouinard; Let My People Go Surfing, p. 254

Here at WellcomeMat.com, we value the applicability of our place as outsiders. At a time of such convergence between old and new in the real estate business, nothing is more exciting to us than the space that we are operating in. However, while we find it amazing that the complacent only leave their dormant state to refute any/all threats to the status quo, our message should be comforting: "we are here to help both individual, and institutional property marketers use the internet to the utmost possibilities." WellcomeMat is not a team that thinks that real estate agents will be replaced by some online monster. But, technology will completely change the way that people within the marketplace interact, and transact. Buyers and sellers might just connect directly.

Freedom of listing information is inevitable. And, we believe the most successful agents will be focused on high-volume sales. Fight technology if you want: lobby against it, throw tantrums, retain some expensive advertising firm to show your agents running through strawberry fields, hand in hand, with their clients, but know your place in Chouinard's quote if you do. "Videos Connecting People & Places" is our tag line, and we plan to do so in the most efficient way humanly possible.

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