April 18, 2016

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Your embeddable, searchable video channel from WellcomeMat just got orders of magnitude better! We cannot hide our excitement about this because getting video search perfect on your site is the foundation of any inbound traffic strategy and, if we may brag for a minute, we think our team just nailed it!

Let’s start with video SEO:

If you want to build inbound traffic from search engines, you have to have a place on your site to reliably, verifiably send people. Your WellcomeMat video channel has always been this catchall location, where every video you’ve uploaded into WellcomeMat can be found. We additionally maintain and update video sitemaps on your behalf, telling Google exactly where each video is on your site.

The next best thing to do for search engines is to give them a very direct route to your videos. We therefore switched away from forwarding small screen users (and Google bots) to a different page (the “mobile channel”) so they could view your videos on any device. Now, viewers land on a responsive page--no forwarding--and they’re provided an improved means to watch more videos in each session. We additionally overhauled the way videos are linked to within your channel, providing Google with a better way of taking deeper, more efficient dives into your content. Last but not least, we’re now loading videos using the <video> tag within your channels instead of loading the videos with an iFrame.


We touched on usability a few times already, but the viewer experience we provide for your site visitors just keeps getting better. In the new channel....

1. Navigation is intuitive on all devices and fast to navigate.  

2. Video thumbnails are 3 times larger than in the Classic version, making the background/thumbnail images you’ve chosen more effective in gaining views.

3. Desktop viewers are no longer anchored to the top of the channel page every time they select a video. Instead, they view the video in line and do not lose their place amongst your videos each time they click something.

4. Wider format: in a move towards playing at videos at the highest quality/resolution, we are aiming to use the entire width of the pages that our channels are embedded on. You may have limitations on your site, but, WellcomeMat customers are now ready for the future -- high quality, big and bad, video!

Check out the new channel on Tate & Foss Sotheby's International Realty
Mobile Responsive Real Estate Video Channel

Mobile Responsive Video Channel for Real Estate


In the history of WellcomeMat, few things have required as much foresight and gut checking as this new channel. Our decision making is down to the half pixel and we hope you love your new video search as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

With Love,

Team WellcomeMat

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