May 25, 2016
In the dawn of film, there was real estate video created by one of the most important inventors in American history. You read that right: before the year 1900, Thomas Edison was creating short films that captured the essence of people and places. Think about that for a moment -- the guy that invented the lightbulb, the kinetoscope and tons of bedrock type inventions spent much of his first filmmaking efforts telling here and now stories, mostly based in and around NYC. 

WellcomeMat’s tagline has always been “Videos Connecting People & Places,” so it is more than gratifying to discover real estate video’s roots and know that we continue to be the firm that’s making video a mainstream way to answer consumers questions about new places to live, work and play. The revolution that began more than 100 years ago is more than underway. So, anytime someone tells you that video is hard to do or expensive, think of the fact that Edison:

  1. Played a large role in creating filmmaking as we know it.

  2. Lugged disgustingly large and awkward gear into NYC, shot footage and created films, using the most antiquated methods ever, that tell the stories of times and places.

  3. Thought that the best use of his time, in demonstrating the value of his new film inventions, was creating videos that captured the essence of people and places.

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