June 21, 2016

What Kind of Content Marketer Are You? A Critical Question that Most Don’t Answer Early Enough

Rupert Murdoch famously said, “Content is not just king, it is the emperor of all things electronic.” It's a statement that seems to only become more true over time. Audience building is everything in digital marketing, but in this blog post, we want to cover the question that every content focused marketing team must ask on early -- will you be a distributed publisher or inbound publisher?

Distributed publishers are primarily concerned with reaching their target audiences wherever they are found. They are placing their trust in the ecosystems where they are reaching their customers and are not primarily concerned with building inbound traffic to their domains. In real estate, this is basically the equivalent of posting all your content to search sites, foregoing the idea that you might compete with them for traffic. The goal remains the goal -- reach consumers of your goods and services where you know they are, period the end.

Inbound marketers are focused on building the value of their domains by sourcing their content from their site. If you find yourself obsessing over the amount of visitors you gain via email marketing, search engine optimization, or which social sites are driving traffic to your site, you are an inbound focused person and team.

Hybrid content marketers are in a position to change their strategy on the fly. They can reach their core audience where they are, and simultaneously build traffic on their sites. When they decide an inbound or distributed publisher stance serves them better, they can simply make changes within their CMS or platform of choice

So which kind of publisher are you? Perhaps more importantly, are you in a position to take a hybrid approach?

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