December 12, 2017

Get ready to hose down your colleagues with champagne…

You’ve noticed by now, there is a relentless land grab for video dominance playing itself out across the web:

The most challenging aspect of making video mainstream in real estate has been opening up proper and effective distribution. Because of you (the best filmmakers and video marketers in real estate), real estate search sites are taking notice of WellcomeMat for what it means for them: a single place to access the most, and highest quality videos in our industry. In addition, the sheer amount of social and smart TV distribution options that are opening up is blinding. Today, we are here to announce some distribution DOOZIES.

Via our platform, you can now distribute your videos to Linkedin and Pinterest. We’re most psyched on these two touch points because:

For listing videos in the for sale category, we are also running a pilot program with Zillow and Trulia in LA, Orlando, Detroit and Seattle. Distribution to Zillow and Trulia is just getting going and it is running on a zip code by zip code basis. This is a new way of providing distribution options to our customers, so let us know if you see any strangeness going on...we are not perfect, yet : )

This is an excellent day for those using WellcomeMat to reach as many consumers as possible and we hope you love these new distribution channels. We’ll be back in touch very soon to announce the new control mechanisms we are putting in place because of your answers to our distribution survey.

Go video go!

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