May 31, 2018

One thing we have never had a hard time doing is being early:

Our trail is creative for sure and many of the ideas we pushed into the light were the right ones, just early. In the Summer of 2009, we launched a television application on Boxee and, to make sure our customers got used to the idea of seeing their videos on TV, we enabled our customers to push their videos to iTunes. In 2013, we shipped a Chromecast to every single one of our enterprise customers so they would have no excuse not to display their videos in a large and in charge way. The point is this:

WellcomeMat is the platform that real estate professionals, production teams and companies use to make their videos ever-present in the eyes of consumers, on whatever devices or apps they are using. Smart TV has taken a long time to come of age, but a clear leader has emerged and--as your direct to consumer video platform--we had to get you into the action.

Now, all WellcomeMat Enterprise partners have access to a Roku channel that is completely and fully branded to your company. Your Roku channel directly mimics the organization of your videos within your WellcomeMat channel, playlists and all. Every new video you post will show up automatically. So, upload your videos, choose which playlists to display your videos and just keep kicking butt like you always do. We’ll push your videos into Roku, delete or de-activate videos when applicable and generally keep you up to date and fresh on TV. 


If you are interested in activating your Roku channel reach out to!

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