How to Make Video Work for You in a Shifting Market

By Marcellee Williams
November 8, 2018

Denver, a market that is frequently a bellwether for trends seen on either coast, saw housing market sales fall across all price ranges by more than 30% in September over August. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association mortgage applications fell to a four year low- a level not seen since December 2014. And the August Case-Shiller Index shows that national price gains are slowing. They were up only 5.8% which is the first time that number has fallen below 6% in a year.

The market is cooling. And while we might not quite be in a buyers market yet, all signs are pointing in that direction. We are seeing listings stay on the market longer and the days of multiple offers over ask in the first weekend are fading. Which means that to win business and sell listings agents, brokerages, and brands need to be on top of their marketing game.

Consider these:

- The average user spends 88% more time on a webpage that includes video. (Source: Mist Media)

- It is 50 times easier to achieve a page 1 Google ranking with a page that has video. (Source: Forrester Research)

- 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI. (Source: eMarketer)

This is the time when real estate video is absolutely imperative and it will only become more important in the future. Taking your video marketing seriously is the best move you can make now to ensure sure that you are in a position of strength as the market shifts.  

Here’s how you do it.  

Video can be daunting. It is expensive and time intensive (But absolutely worth it- take another look at those stats above!). And even the most experienced video marketers struggle with how to tackle their video strategy. But breaking it down simply is the best way to start.

Here at WellcomeMat we closely watch how successful various strategies are. For the most part users focus on either Listings or Branding content. We recommend devoting your resources between listing videos and, what we call evergreen content. This includes community tours, brand marketing videos, testimonial videos and agent bios.

Listing videos are a great way to market a listing, generate extremely hot leads from your site, and show how seriously you take video marketing. But they frequently have a shelf life as new buyers don’t generally want a video on the property that they just purchased easily accessible. That is why many people also focus on content that you can be used for years to come. Evergreen content can be included on multiple listing details pages as well as shared out to your network individually.

Your video strategy doesn’t end when the video has been produced. You also need to establish a game plan for how you are going to get it seen. Where are you going to distribute this content? How do you display it?

WellcomeMat can help! We have been hyper-focused on real estate video since 2006, which means we can make sure you have all the tools at your fingertips to manage, display, and market your content in ways that are proven to maximize your ROI on your video investments. In fact, WellcomeMat’s customers average between 5-7 times more video views than brokers who use YouTube alone. 39% of those views occur on users site’s. (Want to learn more? Click here.) Once you have produced your video content, WellcomeMat is the place to tackle the following.

Prioritizing video on your site is hugely important. This means embedding videos on listing details pages, on your “About Me” page, and on neighborhood pages. Beautiful, full-width, hero videos go a long way for engagement on your blog, homepage and other landing pages. These are all ways to highlight and benefit from video on your site. Perhaps, the most important factor when displaying content on your site is to include a customized and searchable video channel where your site visitors can access all of your content in one location. This allows users to easily navigate your content which drastically increases time spent on site as well as leads generated.

Also, make sure that your video content is working for you. Generalist video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are video aggregators; their goal is to pull all traffic to their site, not yours. With WellcomeMat we forward all traffic and SEO to your site so you are always the one benefitting.

Once you have established a solid video presence on your site, the next step is to make sure that you are expanding your reach with social video distribution as well as distributing your videos to any premium real estate distribution sites you have a relationship with. This helps draws visitors and viewers to your site where you are in control and can guide their next steps.

You can also go the extra mile with a few extra steps: 1. Video chaptering allows you to break up your videos into easily shareable and digestible portions. 2. In player calls to action give you the ability to include clickable buttons to link viewers to new videos or portions of your site. And, 3. WellcomeMat’s MLS Compliance Toolkit gives you everything you need to beautifully display your content on the MLS as well as save you time so that you don’t have to produce a unique MLS version of your videos.

The last, and arguably most important way to make video work for you in this market, and set you up to be prepared for what is coming, is to intelligently watch your analytics.  Your analytics give you the information you need to adjust your video strategy based on what is working for you. You can subscribe yourself anyone else (perhaps those that have chosen you to market their properties, for example) to receive downloadable, shareble reports. It literally pays to pay attention!


Need more help getting started?

How do you decide what types of video to produce? How do you find the right filmmaker? How do you communicate with that filmmaker to achieve the very best results? If you haven’t yet made the dive into video you may not even know where to start. Here are some resources that will help!  

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