WellcomeMat EDU: The Most Successful Video Content and Marketing Strategies

By WellcomeMat EDU
August 13, 2013

So, you have embraced video and it is becoming key to differentiating yourself from your competition. But like everyone else who has discovered the power of video, you face a steep learning curve in your effort to find what works best for you. Here are the tips and tricks from video all stars!

We all have the same goal: reach as many consumers as possible with every video.

Skip the learning curve all together and tap into the very best, expert advice during this WellcomeMat EDU event with panelists who have all found their video niches.  Learn from rockstar agents, brokers and filmmakers the strategies that will put you at the top of your real estate video game!




​Length: 40 minutes

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
Find out more by contacting us now!


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