New, Dynamic Channel Display Options

By WellcomeMat Blog
October 1, 2013

For a very long time, our team has struggled to display below-video-player items in a way that is ideal. Specifically, height is a required function of iFrames: if you don’t embed an iFrame with enough height, it cuts content out of view. If you provide too much height, you end up with a huge amount of negative, unused space on your webpage.

There’s been a major breakthrough in how embedded iFrames can function and-to put it mildly-we are FIRED UP to help WellcomeMat Enterprise customers to implement the new dynamic channel embed code. Doing so will increase/decrease height based on the real-time space needs of your channel. If you have 100 video results for a particular playlist, all of them will be shown. If you 4 results, same thing.


Note: dynamic channel embeds are ideal for companies with a large volume of videos, but all is fine with your channel as is. By default, our channels are using pagination (page 1, 2, 3 etc) to display your videos as shown below.

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