August 7, 2019

One thing we know for certain in the world of video marketing is that we must capture our viewer’s attention immediately.  This can be done by using an intriguing thumbnail, having upbeat music, or starting your video with dynamic drone footage, among other possibilities.  But, once you have your viewer’s attention, how do you keep it?

Before we jump into that, let’s take a look at some recent statistics, as reported by various outlets in the real estate and real estate marketing worlds.

-In its June 2019 Realtors Confidence Index Survey, the NAR reported that the average number of clients taken on a home tour by an agent was 5.5.  Further, agents had an average of 3.2 active listings. (Source: NAR)

-An Inman report states that 85% of clients, both buyers and sellers, prefer to work with an agent who uses video as a marketing strategy.

-That same Inman report tells us that homes listed with video greatly distinguish themselves from the competition, getting four times the number of inquiries of homes listed without video.

-Finally, one more nugget from that same Inman report:

-Homebuyer video stats

(Above image and Inman statistics taken from this report.)

Now, let’s get back to our original idea, that we need to capture our potential client’s attention.  It seems pretty evident that, with so few in-person home tours happening, hosting video tours on your website and your social media channels makes sense.  The above statistics suggest that the videos serve as a catalyst for the client’s interest. That’s step one.

So, let’s say that you now have taken the step to produce and distribute listing videos to the proper channels:  think your website and social media channels, as well as anywhere else you might choose to place them. Not that you have the client’s attention, it is time to keep it.  According to this report from MarketingLand, the average view time for a video on Facebook is around 10 seconds.  If we assume that to be true, then we need to think of how to keep a viewer interested and engaged.

This is where WellcomeMat’s chaptering technology comes into play.  In a blog post in the WellcomeMat Neighborhood from 2015, it states:  “When WellcomeMat was in its infancy we realized that one of the primary challenges of video was that video creators and viewers frequently clashed when it came to what they wanted out of a video. An agent, broker, or brand obviously wants a viewer to watch the videos they create from start to finish. But this is, unfortunately, an unrealistic expectation because viewers frequently have a laser focus when it comes to what they are interested in. Video chaptering is a way to close the gap between viewer and creator so they both gain value from the video experience” (find the full post here, including a short video on how to chapter your videos on WellcomeMat).  By highlighting specific areas of a home, you give your viewer control over the viewing experience.

In this world of short viewing time, multiple media outlets for marketing, and relatively few in-person home tours, having video tours with the added feature of chaptering makes sense, and allows you to separate yourself from the competition.  Feel free to comment on this blog post to start a conversation: we would love to hear your thoughts.

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