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By -Team WellcomeMat
May 13, 2020

Tsunamis are for riding...let’s do this! At this point, it’s more than clear that video is THE solution for today’s challenges. Whether you are streaming an event, doing a home tour, mass-teaching people how to accomplish greatness, or guiding individuals or groups through a step by step process, now is the time to use video to meet your constituents from a distance. 

As soon as stuff started hitting the fan, WellcomeMat prioritized integration with Zoom so that you can ingest Zoom videos into your WellcomeMat account and:

  1. Continue to engage your audience on your website, behind the login of your intranet, via email, via social or on your blog.

  2. Provide a means for agents and even homeowners to conduct live listing tours so that buyers and renters get the best possible sense of a place from a distance.

Based on feedback/guidance we’ve gathered from many of you, here is how you leverage your Zoom recordings on WellcomeMat.

  1. Hit the Connected Services page on WellcomeMat by clicking this link or login and follow the path displayed as follows:


  1. Authenticate to Zoom

Once you connect your Zoom account, WellcomeMat will ingest your Zoom recordings and you will receive activation messages as you always do when adding new videos to The Mat. Tips on how to best use Zoom videos within WellcomeMat:

  • All recordings from Zoom will be categorized as private within WellcomeMat. This means Zoom videos will not show up on your website’s video channel unless you expressly choose to include them in your playlists.

  • To Embed or link to individual videos, log into WellcomeMat > select videos from the top navigation > choose the video you want > get embed code or links below the video chaptering tools on the video preview page.

  • To embed or link to playlists, log into WellcomeMat > choose playlists from the top navigation > choose the playlist you want > get the public playlist link or embed codes for application on your site.

  • Creating a new channel for Zoom recordings: if you would like to separate Zoom recordings from your marketing-related content or even create a private channel--where you apply a searchable channel behind your intranet’s login wall--you should create a new account through “user administration” and authenticate your Zoom account within that new account. 

There will be another post coming up shortly to walk through using Zoom for showing listings.  In the meantime, check out this video that we put together doing just that:


Our team is already finding immense value from this update. We hope you do too : )

~ Team WellcomeMat

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