WellcomeMat x Zoom: Video Showings

By Chris Kilgore
May 13, 2020

Strange times call for innovative thinking, which brings us here today.

WellcomeMat has just completed a Zoom integration, which will give you the ability to record your various Zoom meetings and upload the videos to WellcomeMat, just as you would upload any other videos.  Looking forward, we see great potential for this service, from internal meeting to educational materials to open houses to property showings.  For our purposes today, we will focus on property showing (and believe that open houses would be quite similar).

First things first:  we just published a Customer Success blog story on the how-tos of the Zoom integration.  Please click here to learn more and to get that set up within your WellcomeMat account.

As I mentioned, we will focus today on showing a property via a Zoom meeting.  I will walk you through the steps to accomplish this in a moment, but first, take a look at a sample video we made here:

In the above video, I was the host of the Zoom conference on my laptop, while Christian, using his phone to take a video, took us on a home tour.  I recorded that meeting on my laptop, saving it to the cloud.  Let’s take a look at some steps to accomplish this:

Zoom Basics (feel free to skip this part if you know your way around the Zoom platform)

-Schedule a meeting in Zoom.  Give your meeting a name (and description if you like), set the time, and save.  

-Then, you can use Google calendar to invite the appropriate attendees.  Note that, when doing so, a Google Hangouts link will appear on the left of the screen.  Hit the X there so as to avoid confusion:

-On the left, you will see the link to the meeting (in blue).  On the right, you can add guests.

-Next, you will see this box, and click on Send:

Once The Meeting Is Live

-Once you are in your meeting, the host (on a laptop) will have the filmer (mobile device) get prepared.  Make sure your filmer is using landscape mode, not portrait, to provide a better viewing experience.  Once ready, everyone in attendance except for the filmer on the mobile device needs to mute his/her sound.  This is very important, as it will allow for much better sound quality from your presenter.  

-Hit record in Zoom, and let your presenter take you on a tour of the home/property.  Narration is great for such a tour.  This is very different from creating a professional video, so focus on communicating as much as you possibly can in the video.  

-Once the tour is complete, stop the recording.  If you chose to record to the cloud, your video will automatically upload to WellcomeMat (as a private video).  If, on the other hand, you chose to save to your computer, you will need to manually upload the video.  


While we see many possible applications for this WellcomeMat x Zoom integration, we understand that showing properties and holding open houses are at the top of agents’ minds at the moment.  We believe this to be an outstanding option for buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers considering the current limitations on access to properties and also current social/physical distancing policies.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, and also to learn more about issues that are arising.  We are here to help, and if we know your challenges explicitly, we will report back to you with possible solutions.  

Stay safe out there, and know that we are working diligently to find ways for you to continue your business with as much normalcy as possible in these difficult times.

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