Video Previews: WellcomeMat Generates Previews to Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

By -Team WellcomeMat
August 19, 2020

WellcomeMat’s video chaptering tech has always been a revolution in the making. But, no matter how much we screamed from the hilltops about the importance of chapters, we were squarely in the bear hug of evolutionary, incremental changes: chapters had to be manually entered by our customers -- until now. 

Chapters (think DVD navigation points) are now being automatically inserted into your WellcomeMat videos without you needing to do a thing. We are not publicly displaying machine-entered chapters yet, but we are using them to provide you with Video Previews--short teaser-like videos for your immediate use. Video previews can and should be used as digital bait to pull viewers to your site:

  • Previews are now being generated for all **listing** videos uploaded to WellcomeMat and have promise to be your largest driver of inbound traffic since the emergence of online video.

  • Previews can be distributed to social networks via WellcomeMat and preview files are downloadable for use in Instagram.

  • Each preview is automatically available in animated gif format for use in email marketing and/or advertising campaigns.

  • Video previews are generated exclusively using WellcomeMat’s patented video chaptering technology.

  • WellcomeMat will be licensing its chaptering technology, unleashing the future of video search, discovery, advertising and audience building. 

  • Chaptering & previews are free for existing customers’ listing videos. 

Now, for each of your listing videos uploaded, we will create a highlight version without you doing a thing. Let’s take a step back to understand the value of these highlights/previews:

  1. Social distribution is now a much better traffic generating activity because you’re meeting consumers with more applicable, shorter form content. Distribute previews instead of the full version of your videos, requiring click throughs to your site to see the real deal, full version.

  2. Nothing pulls email readers to a landing page like video and now animated gifs of your video previews can be applied to any email marketing campaign, creating a full-motion magnet to your site for your email recipients.

  3. Now, you can choose to run your preview videos as the background image in your videos! You can have your previews run on-hover for desktop users or touching a thumbnail via their mobile devices. 

Enabling your viewers to find, watch and share the most important parts of your videos is a natural benefit of our video chaptering technology. But, as you will see, automatically inserting chapters is the beginning of massive changes coming to rich media in real estate. 

As always...hit us up at with any questions you might have. 

~ Team WellcomeMat 

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