WellcomeMat's Embedded Uploader: Convenience for the Win

By -Team WellcomeMat
August 19, 2020

WellcomeMat’s embeddable uploader is the best way to gather listing videos without the headache of introducing a large number of agents or users to yet another new software suite. We’re here to announce that we have made our embedded upload tool even more valuable so, if you choose, you can masterfully address today’s challenges and build a large video library. 

Use case: 

  • You want your agents, their filmmakers or company administrators to be able to upload their listing tours no matter where the files are stored. 

  • You do not want your people to have to add any listing information during the upload process.

  • You do not want to have to teach people how to login and use WellcomeMat’s system. 

  • You want new listing tours to enrich your website and generate new traffic and engagement and you want it done quickly. 

The solution is the embedded uploader… The embedded uploader looks, feels and works exactly like WellcomeMat’s upload process. The difference is that your agents access it from your listing management system, not on WellcomeMat.

Summary: “gather videos from any source” is a value proposition we’ve made since day one and we mean it. We recently integrated with Zoom so you can schedule virtual showings/live open houses and have all of these videos sync to your WellcomeMat account. Now, no matter where your extended team is storing video tours, they can upload them to your website and distribute to all their social networks.  

-Team WellcomeMat
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