WellcomeMat’s New, HTML5 Video Player is Here!

By Christian A. Sterner
December 18, 2015
Who are we to get in the way of the “flash is dead” trend? WellcomeMat is now defaulting viewers to our new HTML5 video player and it looks, feels and works entirely differently than past versions of our player. The theme of this player is Video First -- let us explain.

WellcomeMat’s tagline has remained unchanged since day one -- “videos connecting people & places.” Our users are selling and renting the most important products in the world and, for us, this means that technology should never be allowed in front of the awesome content you’ve put your heart and soul into creating. Make no mistake: our video player is doing a ton and it’s definitely doing more than the flash versions of our player, but it is doing what it does elegantly.

While you will first notice that our player seems simplified, there is a huge amount of value being unleashed, notably in the menu. The benefits of our new player (some to be rolled out after initial launch) are:

  • Suggested next videos with continuous playback (videos presented after each view)
  • A better mobile viewing experience
  • Fast player load times
  • Improved SEO
  • New, more modern and improved design/usability
  • Drastically better viewer data (we are logging much more, highly applicable data about viewer behavior and will be implementing these insights into our analytics suite)


We need your help! Our HTML5 player is now out in the wild, making our flash player a mere fall back for a small percentage of viewers. WellcomeMat’s support and development teams are on standby, listening for your feedback. While we have done extensive testing, we know that there are edge cases that we will have missed. Let us know what you find and we will be as responsive as we can be.

Thank you so much for any help and for your patience with us as we take this most important leap away from flash.

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