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By Christian A. Sterner
January 7, 2016
Data is what smart marketers do. “Big data,” as a phrase, did nothing more than imply that some marketers weren’t watching data before, but WellcomeMat has been doing a lot more than watching… From the get go, we’ve been logging viewer behavior with specific goals in mind:

  1. Increase the amount of views our customers gather per video uploaded to WellcomeMat,

  2. Build engagement on our users’ websites/applications, and

  3. Help real estate marketers to convert site traffic into new business.

  4. Improve video analytics

It has been proven time and time again that video increases the total pages users will visit on your site and drastically improves conversion rates, but there’s also a direct, positive effect on conversion rates when users spend more time within your site or mobile app. The more time spent on site, the higher the conversion rates. That’s why the first major update to our new video player is Suggested Next Videos.

Describing Suggested Next Videos is easy: when a viewer completes a video, we automatically suggest and play the best next video from your account, like so…
WellcomeMat Suggested Next Videos

See it action:

You have the option to turn suggested next videos off for individual videos and globally, for all your videos. For individual videos, navigate to the Edit Video Details page and scroll down to Video Settings. You’ll be able to turn off for that individual video under “Suggested Videos." 

WellcomeMat Suggested Next Videos Individual Setting
To turn suggested next videos off globally, for all your videos, click “Global Video Settings” within the right hand menu of your video library. Here you will be able to manage the suggested next videos on a global level.

WellcomeMat Suggested Next Videos Global Setting

We hope you love suggested next videos as much as we do. We’ll be listening closely for your feedback and are definitely watching the net effect of this new feature for all our customers. Thanks for your continued support!
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