Product Announcement | Radical, New Facebook Distribution on WellcomeMat!

By Christian A. Sterner
March 30, 2016
Primarily, WellcomeMat is paid to keep our customers at the forefront of video marketing. We might not all be aware yet, but the ground is rumbling under YouTube’s feet. The video behemoth is being attacked from just about every angle and, for you, this spells o p p o r t u n i t y. Why? Because your consumer reach grows hugely with every new distribution avenue WellcomeMat opens up for you. The competition amongst web giants for video leadership is fierce and, in each case, they want your great content! Every new distribution channel we open up makes you a stronger video marketer. 

We are pleased to announce that Facebook distribution via WellcomeMat just got a heck of a lot better. We have done testing on the effects of uploading video files (via the Facebook API) instead of sending embed codes and the outcome is undeniable. Our testing revealed that view counts for videos that are uploaded instead of being sent in an embedded player form receive 190% the amount of views. Now, when you choose to distribute videos to Facebook, you can choose to send an embedded video (played within your custom video player) or a video file to drive your view count higher. The control, and branding power, is yours within WellcomeMat.

To enable direct file upload to Facebook within your WellcomeMat account, please follow these steps to re-authenticate your account.

Our internal, stated goal here at WellcomeMat is to make our users at least 10 times as effective as those relying on YouTube alone. Between suggested next videos, updated Facebook distribution, new real estate specific Premium Distribution channels opening up, and upcoming SEO updates, we are certain that our goals for you are about to get ran over like a speed bump at 100 miles per hour.

Things are more interesting now than ever before and WellcomeMat’s users are poised to own video marketing in real estate! Please say the word if you have any questions and Go Video!

With Love,

Team WellcomeMat

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