Back to Basics: Playlists

By Marcellee Williams
March 29, 2017

Sometimes getting back to the basics is the best way to improve your view counts and overall video marketing strategy. So, let’s talk playlists!

Nearly all users utilize playlists as a way to organize their video content within their WellcomeMat channel. This can generate more video views by placing similar videos together in a cohesive viewing experiences encouraging viewers to find and watch similar videos. Creating playlists is a great step in the right direction.

The first step in creating your playlists is determining exactly how you want to organize your videos. This is generally determined by the type of video content your brokerage has produced. If your video marketing strategy includes producing a wide variety of video types you might find it useful to organize your videos in this manner. Many WellcomeMat partners use this tactic and it results in a channel where a viewer can watch anything from listing videos to agent bios and neighborhood tours to brand marketing in a searchable channel. One of the primary benefits of this is that it allows a viewer to gain a comprehensive understanding of exactly what your brokerage stands for, and what it has to offer, using rich media in one beautiful viewing experience that is fully integrated into your site. Take a look at Halstead’s ProperTV channel to get a feel for this playlist organization type. (Halstead utilizes the WellcomeMat Classic Channel)

Another popular organization tactic is to organize by area. Many WellcomeMat partners focus on producing listing tours over most other content types; so it makes sense to organize videos based on neighborhood or community. This allows viewers to navigate directly to their preferred area and watch only the listing videos that are pertinent to their home search. Take a look at Scenic Sotheby’s for a beautiful channel integration using this tactic. (Scenic utilizes the WellcomeMat Grid View Channel)

Once you have determined how you would like to organize your videos you need to get into the technical side of the process. When creating playlists you can either do so using manual or automatic playlists. Automatic playlists are exceptionally useful because you can set it and forget it. A common use case for this playlist type is for residential listing videos. Once created, any time you upload a residential listing video it will automatically be added to this playlist without any additional work on your part. This playlist type works really well with channels organized by video type. The downside of automatic playlists is that you cannot remove individual videos from this playlist type. All videos of whichever type you use will be included - it is all or nothing. You can create automatic playlists in the playlist section of your WellcomeMat account. Manual playlists require a little bit more interaction but you can pick and choose which videos you want to include regardless of video type. Videos can be added to manual playlists within the upload/edit form for an individual video or within the playlist section of you WellcomeMat account.

Once you have created your playlists you can embed them individually via the embed code provided in your playlist section or add them to your channel and reorganize them by dragging and dropping within your Channel Navigation.

Pro tip: you can also create playlists using private videos. These private playlists can be embedded behind a login wall or you can simply refer viewers to the public link of the playlist. Many users create this type of playlist as a way to organize training videos. Just make sure not to add this playlist to your channel.

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