Back to Basics: User Accounts, User Administration, & Shared Videos

By Marcellee Williams
October 11, 2017

  WellcomeMat is the lean, mean, uber flexible machine that your company has been looking for!

Ever wanted to share videos with your agents or manage their account without having to navigate the mess of uploading videos multiple times or exchanging password?

WellcomeMat’s tiered account system makes that a cinch!

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If you are an Enterprise account holder you can take advantage of tiered user accounts. With the tiered account system you can create full service, WellcomeMat accounts for your agents, completely manage those accounts, share videos across user accounts, and even allow administrators to upload videos and manage your primary account.

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The tiered account system allows Filmmakers to be full service video publishers and marketers for their clients. Filmmakers can use the tiered account system to easily access and manage their client accounts. With this system they can sign into their primary Filmmaker account, access the client account and upload and manage all videos just as if they were the account owner. With this system filmmakers can see how their videos are performing and take as much control of the video marketing process as you (and your client) would like.

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User Administration is the hub for the tiered account system. To create an individual agent level account simply click ‘Add a User’ in the left hand menu. Next enter the relevant information for the account you are creating (i.e. name, email, user category, etc.). Once the account is created and activated by the user you will be able to sign into that user’s account by clicking on their name in User Administration.

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All videos uploaded by the accounts you have created will automatically filter up into your account for your use. That means that any video shared into your account can be added to your video channel or embedded on your site just like you uploaded the video.

To share videos with your individual agents, teams, or sister brokerages reach out to your account representative at You account representative will determine the best way to achieve your goals!

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
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