How to Produce Exceptionally Effective Community Videos

By Marcellee Williams
August 2, 2018

I’m going to tell you a secret.

The secret to producing an effective community video is exceptionally simple. (In fact, this is the key to producing any type of effective video at all.) Here's the secret: emotion. Emotion is what invests your viewers in a property or a community. And emotion is the catalyst that turns viewers into leads.   If you can get your viewers to feel then you will be doing your job and you will find that your video marketing is exceptionally effective.

This is especially important when it comes to evergreen content such as community or neighborhood videos. Because if you effectively use emotion, this content can benefit your video marketing for years. When it comes to community videos there are a number of ways to do this. Here are my three best tips on using emotion and producing the best community videos:

Talk to Locals Who Love the Community

In my opinion, the thing that makes any community great is the people that are a part of it. And they are the best people to communicate why anyone else should consider living in their community. These are the people who spend their days living and playing in the area so they are already emotionally invested in the location. Find the people that call the community home. Their love for their home will translate to video and your viewers will be able to emotionally connect to their experiences as well as see themselves living in that community. Interviewing these people on camera about what it is that they love about their community is the most effective testimonial in any community video. When interviewing them ask open ended questions about where they live and what they love. With any luck, you will get answers that are poignant and emotionally driven.  

Highlight Local Establishments and Events

Viewers watch community videos to try to imagine themselves living in that particular community. They are already doing their best to insert themselves so all you need to do is give them an intriguing place to imagine. One of the most effective ways to evoke emotion in this way is to show your viewers what a day in the life is like. Highlight local establishments to help them imagine what date night would be like or where they could take their children to play. Restaurants that have been a part of the area for years make people think about growing roots in a community. And showing viewers unique events that the community has to offer can be very enticing. Any local should be able to tell you all about the best places to go and to see. So use them as a resource!

Hire a Talented Filmmaker

Arguably, the most important factor in producing an effective community video is to hire a talented, professional filmmaker. You can ask all the right questions in your interviews and visit all the right establishments to make your viewer see themselves living in a community and it could completely fall flat if the filmmaking is of poor quality. It is an unfortunate truth that good filmmaking is invisible but bad filmmaking can ruin any video. And this all, again, comes down to emotion. Because when a filmmaker shoots well the viewer doesn’t notice the skill behind the camera; they just notice the emotion that it stimulates. Additionally, there are a number of tricks of the trade that a good filmmaker can employ to encourage viewers to feel. A great filmmaker will know how to translate your requests into effective shots, effective edits, and, ultimately, an effective video.

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