Back to Basics: Video Channels

By Marcellee Williams
September 28, 2018

WellcomeMat channels act as the centralized hub for all of your videos. It is the place where your site visitors can navigate through your playlists and search your entire video library. It is also the global landing page for viewers who have found your videos in other places throughout the internet and navigated back to your site through traffic forwarding. Channels are an integral part of the marketing and branding on your site. So it is imperative that you are doing everything you can to make sure your channels are as effective as possible.

In this Back to Basics blog post, I am going to go over Channel best practices and some of the ways that you can personalize your channel to better fit your site and brand.


Since the beginning of WellcomeMat we have cycled through a number of player and channel designs. With each one, we fine tuned for aesthetics, engagement, and effectiveness so that your videos are displayed in the very best possible light earning you views and leads.

And layered on top of WellcomeMat’s extensive channel experience you can customize with the design and colors that fit best with your brand and site.

The first place to start is to decide if you want one of two channel layout options: Both are great!

Grid View is designed to allow for viewers to scroll through your videos and watch them in place without losing their spot in the scroll. This encourages users to watch more videos per session and to easily navigate your channel.

Banner View includes a large hero video at the top of your page. This is a great way for viewers to watch your video content at the best possible size and truly highlights the beautiful content that you have produced. In this layout you can also choose to display your menu outside of the player. This allows viewers to see the title and description, sharing features, chapters, and any links that you have included. Overall, it is an excellent way to increase player engagement.

Once you have chosen a layout, the next step is to determine your color customizations. If you are a WellcomeMat Enterprise partner your account manager will help you match the exact colors on your site to their best effect in the WellcomeMat channel. You can also, manually select the colors yourself by either dragging and dropping the color selector for each option, or inputting the RGB or Hex codes.

Playlists and Playlist Organization

Playlists are absolutely integral to your WellcomeMat channel. They allow you to organize your content based on your production and marketing strategy. Giving users an intuitive way to navigate your content increases session times and, ultimately, leads. Your video playlist strategy is determined by what type of video content your company is producing and how you would like to highlight it.

The most frequently used playlist organization strategy is to organize videos based on video type. This means that you create playlists such as Luxury Listing Videos, Agent Bios, Brand Content, Community Tours and Testimonials.

The next most popular strategy is to organize your videos based on location. For example, if you have multiple areas, neighborhoods, or cities that you work within you can create playlists for each of these communities.

Just remember, you have complete control of the playlists that you create so do what works best for you! You can also always change these if you would like to test which strategy is most effective for you.

Pro Tip: You can reorganize the order of your playlists by dragging and dropping within the Channel Navigation section of your account.

Traffic Forwarding

While we are talking about channels, I want to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about Traffic Forwarding. Traffic Forwarding is one of the single most powerful features that WellcomeMat offers. With Traffic Forwarding we make sure that the value of your video content goes directly to you. Any links from videos shared will always point back to your channel on your site. Any video site maps that WellcomeMat has put in place, again, point back to you, not to WellcomeMat. This is something that YouTube and Vimeo do not offer because they are site aggregators. If you take your video marketing seriously you definitely need Traffic Forwarding.

Pro Tip: With Individual Traffic Forwarding you can even make sure that all video traffic is pointed back to a specific video landing page on your site rather than the channel experience. This option can be found on upload and edit forms for each of your videos

And there’s more!

Finally, if you navigate to Channel Navigation you will see even more channel options. Here you can easily add or remove playlists to your channel. You can set a default video that always displays upon channel load. And you can even customize the text within your search box.

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