Back to Basics: MLS Toolkit

By Marcellee Williams
November 1, 2018

WellcomeMat is the video platform specifically built to serve the best interests of the real estate industry. Our hyper-focus allows us to provide real estate specific solutions that win you more views and business. We do this by knowing the real estate ecosystem inside and out and applying that expertise into our video marketing platform. This is why WellcomeMat will always beat a generalist platform within the real estate industry. We work directly for you to meet and exceed your real estate video needs; not to create a platform that will work reasonably well for the widest variety of industries and users. We always aim for the perfect fit! And that means providing the best tools to get the job done.

In this Back to Basics post we are diving into the MLS Toolkit provided on WellcomeMat. Keep reading to learn about a few of the tools we offer to help with MLS compliance.

The WellcomeMat Unbrander is the quickest and easiest way to generate a MLS compliant version of property videos. This saves you the time it would take to edit, export, and upload both branded and unbranded versions of your video tours. The Unbrander helps you to cut out the beginning and end of your tour, removing scenes that MLS might consider branding.

The WellcomeMat Unbrander is only available for the videos labeled as Property Videos within the upload/edit form. Once you have uploaded your video, you can access the Unbrander by clicking the link on the left hand menu of the video’s details page.

Watch your video and pause it when you would like the new compliant video to start.  Click ‘Select Current Time’ next to the Start Time field and the current time of the video will be loaded into the field.  You can also manually enter or change the time. Repeat this process to determine the new end time for the video and finish by processing your video.

This does not generate a new video in your library. But you can utilize the Unbranded version of your video by either sharing the MLS compliant link, that points to a MLS compliant page hosted on WellcomeMat, or embedding the MLS compliant version of the player. Both the link and the embedded player will always display the Unbranded version of your video and makes MLS compliance exceptionally easy because we make sure that it always meets MLS requirements. Both the link and the player embed can be found near the bottom of a Video’s Details Page under the sections labeled ‘Embed’ and ‘Share Links.’ Simply, select the appropriate MLS tab and copy/paste.

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