What Does Self Hosting Mean?

By Christian A. Sterner
July 15, 2014
Self hosting is a phrase that means the act of owning and controlling one's video content, where the content owner has a custom setup to achieve the role of "video publisher" on their own websites and/or mobile apps. Many misuse the phrase to describe what they are doing when utilizing a premium, pay to use video platform. However, the act of actually hosting your own videos includes all of the following:

Encoding - the act of taking a video file and preparing it for delivery on all electronic devices.
Storage - storing video files within a system designed to store video files in a database.
Device Detection - the automated act of knowing what device a video viewer is on for the purposes of serving a video file best suited for that device type.
Delivery - serving video files to viewers from either a traditional server or via a content delivery network (otherwise referred to as a "CDN").

Note: self hosting often does not account for content optimization (for both social network platforms or search engines), analytics or the tools necessary for developers to integrate content in an ideal way.

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