Encouraging signs of life in real estate video...

By Fred Light
May 11, 2010

I'm not sure about others around here, but my business is EXPLODING.  I'm not sure what happened, but business has tripled so far this year, compared to the first quarter of last year - which was VERY busy for me.  It's insane. I can hardly see straight.....

I thought things might slow down when the tax credit ended.....NOT.  It's just been off the charts.  (I'm still trying to get caught up.... rendering video now at 2am and am off to my first of 5 shoots at 9am) .  I get in the car from shooting a house and there are 5 voice mail messages - all for new appointments - some agents for 2-3 videos at a time.  (and my business number is unlisted... go figure!)

I've been booked solid from 8am until 7pm virtually every single day this year - and booked out a week or more in advance.  New customers.  Old customers. Sellers.  Even did a video for an agent for her BUYER who was thinking of buying a $2M house (that didn't have a tour, of course).  So the agent did a tour FOR her buyer in CA!

You name it.  It's like they're just coming out of the woodwork around here for real estate video.  I've never worked so hard in my life...  And the vast majority of these are for photos AND video, so we're not talking super low budget here - most shoots are $300-$500.

So, for all those who are running up against a brick wall trying to market to Realtors..... it WILL happen.  Keep the faith!  :)

Just persist and keep at it, and they'll come around.  One day you'll just get blindsided with more business than you know what to do with......   and you'll be THRILLED when you get a cancellation so you can have a few hours of downtime!

My video is done.... and now....... I'm going to BED!




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