Is THIS the year for video? Finally?

By Fred Light
December 8, 2009

I've been doing video now for nearly 5 years.  For all of those five years, I've heard that "this year is the year video takes off".  They said that when YouTube began. They said that 3 years ago.  2 years ago.  Last year.  Although I can't complain as I've been very, very busy, I also can't say that it's 'taken off'.  It's still a tough sell, as many people can attest.  

I've had my finger on the pulse of web video since before the days of YouTube, and I can honestly say that I really do think that THIS next year will be the tipping point.  I just feel it.  Lots and lots of things are happening very quickly - even in the past 3-4 months.

More and more people are doing video.  The more people that do video, and the more video that is seen, the greater perception video will have in the eyes of the general public.

Web video has received national press lately (USA TODAY April | November), a story the other day in Inman News by Blanche Evans about "the real estate game changer"...., a stat from the NAR stating that 73% of sellers prefer video tours, yet less than 1% of realtors USE them, giving those agents a 99% competitive advantage.....   and it goes on and on.

I'm finding that my clients are purchasing Flip/ Zi8 cameras to do testimonials, market reports, etc. They're definitely drinking the "video Kool-Aid". They see the value.  But they're also realizing how difficult it is to do it yourself!  (one client called yesterday - his 2 computers are  choking on the 1080p video coming out of the Zi8... now he has realized he need to now buy a new computer, editing software, etc.).  This only makes people realize the value of hiring a video professional to do the work FOR them as they slowly realize how difficult and expensive and time consuming it may be to do it themselves... 

Other things are happening fast as well....  YouTube seems to be upping their game every day.  Now featuring 1080p video....  Today I watched a video I shot on Sunday at an Apple Store on the new 27" iMac.  Yow!  There were about 10 people also drooling over it as I was watching because it was STUNNING!  No buffering, no stuttering.  Full screen, absolutely screaming beautiful, crystal clear HD video.  Even I was amazed!  And that was on the slower iMac! Now coming to a home near you.... 

They're captioning and indexing audio and translating it into other languages... making YouTube even more valuable in search, even though it is currently THE #2 search engine behind Google. They're now offering full length movies, TV shows...  

I'm getting tons of NEW customers recently (this week was ALL new business!), plus most customers are repeat customers...   so it's just snowballing... 

I may be wrong as it's been said many times before, but I think 2010 will DEFINITELY be "the year" video takes off on the web... for real estate and small businesses.  

I'm planning on having MY best year ever!  I really do think we've reached the tipping point..... I just feel it.

What do YOU think?

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