Fred Light is a Veteran - Thanks Man

By Christian A. Sterner
July 9, 2009

So I went to check out Fred's site to make sure that he's showing his WellcomeMat colors on his site (halfway kidding there), and I noticed something that made me proud: Fred Light's business card on his video gallery says "Member Since 8/2/2006."

Wow...Check it Out for Yourself

To put this into context, I decided to leave a great company (Webroot Software) with disgustingly great pay to go full-time with WellcomeMat at the end of June, 2006. Why did I do it? Because I was 100% convinced that if I didn't leave my job at that very moment, WellcomeMat would miss its opportunity. I couldn't have been more wrong: it was June of 2008 that would have been the perfect timing (ouch...that's a lot of lost salary).

This post isn't about's about Fred.

So Mr. Fred Light has been through a lot of hell with us. We've found that our most intense critics turn out to be our best members, customers etc. Fred was just that:

I remember seeing Fred's work (this was a bit over a year after we started working on WellcomeMat nights and weekends), and callling him up to say " should post your content on WellcomeMat." I took a little offense to the fact that his answer was something along the lines of "I didn't even know you guys existed." Anyway...he did post his content on our site and that's when the real pain started. He "beta" tested WellcomeMat to shreds. Something always needed our attention...I am probably over-exaggerating a bit, but Fred was like having a drill sargeant on our site.

All in all, we kept doing really dumb stuff and a lot of it worked. We rolled out updates like one a day was the requirement. There is a song by Biggie Smalls called "Mo Money Mo Problems." In our case, it was "Mo Updates Mo Problems" 'cause there definitely wasn't any money. But, in any case, we had a HUGE amount of great members that were committed to the journey of Real Estate Video. We've all been through a lot of hell in making this whole thing happen, but today I just want to say thanks to Fred Light for being an integral part of WellcomeMat (and Real Estate Video). Thanks Man!

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