Episode 03: Democratizing Real Estate Video w/ Matt Leone

By Rudy Bachraty
July 2, 2012

This weeks real estate video trends interview is with Matt Leone, Director of Web Marketing & Social Media for Halstead Property.

If you or your company have been interested in getting started with video, this is a must watch video interview. We discuss how Halstead got started with video along with some trends we have been keeping an eye on such as the In-House Filmmaker, Market Report Videos and how real estate brands are becoming media companies.

Halstead has been on the forefront of real estate video for 5 years now and is constantly innovating with how they use video for growing their business. By creating videos of not only residential residences, but of the community, buildings and it’s agents, Halstead is doing a great job of storytelling through the lens.

Here are some questions we covered during the video interview:

1. Why did you decide to hire an in-house filmmaker/visual effects person?
To shoot on the fly, edit on the fly, to shoot corporate videos, to add graphics to any and all videos to look professional. We also have an exclusive partnered production company that is an extension of our dept that works closely with us as our only, exclusive vendor.

2. Will this bring down your cost per video and other production costs?
Covers graphics, some editing, backend coordination, and misc projects at a moment’s notice on the fly. It will bring down costs if you have high volume of video in your company.

3. Will you now start to create more videos? If so, what kinds are you focusing on?
We are always thinking of new videos to make. Won’t share what we have in our pipeline but we are looking to get more entertaining and informative in our videos in the future.

4. How did you find your filmmaker?
Long interview process

5. Talk about how an in-house filmmaker can help streamline quality across the board as far as look and feel goes?
With one exclusive vendor and one in-house person all video looks consistent across the board maximizing brand equity and brand control. Each of our 1200+ videos will have an aesthetic look and feel that are similar.

6. What kind of camera gear is your filmmaker using?
Same HD cameras used to film House and 24, additional lens, dollies, standalone lighting.

7. What kind of editing software are you using?
Final Cut, After Effects

8. Do you think over the long term, this will save the company money on a per video basis?
Depends on how many videos you produce.

9. Do you think having an in-house filmmaker is just a passing trend or do you see other brands following your lead in the future?
If you care about managing your brand & streamlining the process for your agent/employee then it is needed.

Thanks Matt! We appreciate you giving us some behind the scenes info on how Halstead Property uses video as a core part of it’s real estate business. Looking forward to how you continue to innovate and inspire others in the realm of real estate video.

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