How to be a Video Leader, with No Achilles Heel

By Christian Sterner
July 14, 2014

Most of the articles I am reading about real estate video are not articles at all: they are what people in the media business call “advertorial,” posts written--many times by those that stand to benefit the most--with the primary purpose of selling products or services.

“Too many MCs not enough mics - exit your show like I exit the Turnpike,” Pras, The Fugees.

We are not fans of the confusion advertorials bring to already complex conversations about real estate video, so we’re making extra efforts to simplify everyone’s lives. This post is about two simple concepts that all video leaders must understand:

1) Companies that are selling you content should never be in charge of your technology platform.

Greed can overcome sense, a lot. The problem that you are going to have if you rely upon your content provider for platform services--systems that allow you to integrate video into your site, mobile apps and offer distribution for greater views etc--is that your content provider is very unlikely to get on board with you choosing other content solutions. Content is the most expensive aspect to becoming a video leader. That’s why your content providers chose to sell it to you. But, the fact of content is this: there is always better content out there and being stuck to one content provider is unwise. If you rely on video delivery and distribution software that is provided for you by a content company, plan to be limited-at some point-by an inability to choose new content providers. Simply put, content companies want to sell you more content and delivery and distribution software is a cost to doing business for them. They are not going to clog up their system with other content companies’ videos.

Note: we have yet to discover platform solutions provided by content companies’ that are even remotely competitive. Since video technologies are a cost that they are eating to keep selling content, keeping their tech at the forefront is not a priority -- research and development is just another cost.

2) Video platform companies should enable you to be content agnostic.

There is really only one way to demonstrate video leadership over the long haul: by a) ensuring you are working on a video platform that allows you to reach a maximum amount of real estate consumers, and b) using a platform that allows you to work with any content company you’d like.

Doing the two things above will allow you to gain more affordable content because you are free to acquire content from anywhere and--technologically speaking--you are in complete and total control of your video destiny.
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